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This is the best opportunity ever to be able to live and experience the traditions and beliefs of the ancient Inca culture. Wayki Experience takes you to get to know our indigenous communities, to spend one day with them and be part of their daily activities. At the same time we will also get to know customs and legends of this community.
Amongst the activities to do, we have: Visit to the Nursery/School created by Wayki, cattle and agriculture, artisanal fishing and a get together with the locals in order to share their music and traditions. Let yourself immerse in this adventure and enjoy this wonderful experience with our Wayki community.

This is the best opportunity ever to be able to live and experience the traditions and beliefs of the ancient Inca culture. Wayki Experience takes you to get to know our indigenous communities, to spend one day with them and be part of their daily activities. At the same time we will also get to know customs and legends of this community. Let yourself immerse in this adventure and enjoy this wonderful experience with our Wayki community.

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Day 1:

We will start this big adventure, by meeting up in our Cusco Office, around 13:00 hrs. Then we will head towards Izcuchaca; ideal place to make a stop and get some groceries for the people at the community and then we will carry on to our final destination.

Along the way we will see the first gorge with impressive eucalyptus trees, followed by the Chacan village, known best for its potato farming, at the same time we will observe other different crops, such as cereal and other Andean grains.

We will make another stop before reaching our target, this will be at Huaypo Lake, which is a true natural beauty with astonishing views of the mountain range and snowy peaks. This lake has got a great diversity of fish; also, occasionally and very early in the morning, you might see some of the migratory birds that come to this lake.



Artisanal Fishing [1]: Since we are already at this beautiful lake, we can make the most out of it and go fishing! We simply take a boat and go seeking for the adventure. For this we will have the assistance of a local fisherman and our Guide; we can get a really good catch and if you’re lucky enough you might get a nice trout or a silverside; after this unique experience we can now keep driving onto the community.


By the time we get there we will get a very warm welcome by “Señora Basilia” who will also show us around and take us to our rooms or campsite (optional)[2] so we can leave our belongings. Once we’re settled, we will have a tour of the Wayki School, place that brings you closer to the children of our community and allows you to spend some time with them. After this endearing activity we will meet our “Porter Host” and he will show us how to be part of the agricultural activities by letting us use their own tools and into the field[3]. After a long work day, you will be rewarded by meeting his family and being part of a get together by sharing a delightful local dinner. Not only this, but they will also tell some myths and legends as well as sharing some customs. To end this lovely evening there will be a musician who will delight us by playing traditional rhythm from the Andes in their mother tongue (Quechua), known as “Huayno Andino”, we will have a wonderful time and certainly some memories to take with us after this event. Once the feast is over we are ready to go to bed and recover our energy for next day’s adventure.

Day 2:

Very early in the morning with the birds’ chirping and the classic cold air of the Peruvian Andes, we wake up and get ourselves ready for our departure. We will first have a very typical and nutritious breakfast along with our Guide, Driver, Porters and Chef, then it will be time to say goodbye to everyone and start our so wanted adventure in the Peruvian Andes…the Inca Trail!*

*If the passenger does not have the treks IT4D or IT5D , your return will be to the city of Cusco. 

[1] If you opt for the Artisanal Fishing (optional service) be prepared to depart from our Office at 10:30, at the same time please coordinate beforehand. The Lunch is NOT included, please, bring your box lunch.

[2] The distribution of accommodations will be assigned according to the availability and number of passengers who take the service. Also, we will inform the final distribution during the Post-Sale Service. Having in mind, the village doesn't have a stable water and sewer service; for that reason, toilet facilities are basic.

[3] Activities to be performed in the field will depend on the time of the year.



  • Local shuttle bus from our Office – Izcuchaca Bus Terminal – Wayki Experience Community.
  • Private transfer from Wayki Experience Community – Trek Starting Point (4 or 5 day Inca Trail)
  • Family Homestay or Camping for 1 night at the Wayki Community
  • Scheduled Farming activity
  • Get together with traditional music at the assigned porter host’s house.
  • Visit to some Wayki Projects (School and vegetable Garden)
  • Meals: 1 dinner, 1 breakfast
  • Professional Guide

*If the passenger is not taking any of the above tours, his return will be to the city of Cusco.

**Homestay: In group service two rooms are provided for family Homestay; one for men and one for women. Camping: Otherwise 4 person Eureka or Doite water proof and thermal tents, accommodating two people only. Also, the bathroom is a shared service. 



  • First day’s lunch
  • Sleeping bag, in case traveler wants to camp
  • Single Tent supplement (in case traveler wants to sleep solo)
  • Artisanal Fishing



Sleeping Bag

Cost for sleeping bag is US$30.00 per person.

IMPORTANT: Customers who are attending the 4 or 5 Day Inca Trail after this activity are exempted of paying this amount, had they already hired the sleeping bag as part of additional services for the trek.


Personal Tent

Carpa Personal service has a cost of USD 50.00. However, customers who attend Inca Trail (4 or 5 days), ended Wayki Experience, are exempt from paying this extra service; provided that they have contracted the service for your walk.


Artisanal Fishing

Artisanal Fishing is one of the activities practiced in the Andean communities, although not as popular as cattle and agriculture. In this opportunity, Wayki Experience allows you to enjoy this activity at the Huaypo Lake, along with your Guide and local fishermen. In order to be able to perform it, the traveler is provided with a life jacket, fishing tools and a boat. Cost of this service is:

* Group service includes transfer from the lake to the Wayki Experience Community, boat, Captain’s assistance, fishing line, bait. If you book the service, departure will be from our Office at 10:30 hrs.

IMPORTANT: If you want this service to be included, please make all arrangements at the time of booking. At the same time, keep in mind that in order to perform this activity, departure will be from Cusco at around 10:30 hrs.

Free of charge for customers who are going on the 4 or 5 Days Inca Trail, as long as it is booked 30 days prior the day of the trek.


CUSTOMERS WHO ARE GOING ON THE 4 OR 5 DAYS INCA TRAIL (after due date mentioned above)
  • USD 45.00

* Price per person, applicable for departures from April 1st, 2016 to March 31st, 2017. Maximum 10 passengers




* Price per person, applicable for departures from April 1st, 2016 to March 31st, 2017. Pax is passenger. Maximum 10 passengers.

Important: Discounts do not apply for this service.



Once you have made your booking, the space and tickets purchased cannot be cancelled. It is also impossible to transfer the reserve to someone else under a different name.

To consider:

  • If you cancel the booking between 30 to 10 days before the start of your trip; you will be required to pay 50% of the total cost.
  • If you cancel the booking between 10 to 3 days before the start of your trip; you will be required to pay 80% of the total cost.
  • If you cancel the booking between 1 to 2 days before the start of your trip; you will be required to pay 100% of the total cost.

In the event that you decide to withdraw the service once has started, you will be responsible for all additional charges such as: food and transportation that might occur due to the modification of your itinerary.

In the event that you decide to cancel the trip due to a health issue or personal problem; the above cancellation policies will be applied as the company had already incurred in administrative expenses.

CERTIFICATION ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004

It is important for Wayki Trek to provide excellent service to our passengers, to fulfill your expectations, and to participate in the conservation of our environment. It is because of these three reasons and to guarantee the continuous application of this philosophy that we have obtained two of the most important certifications in our field. ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. With them, we guarantee the service that our passengers expect from us and the conservation of the environment in each step of our processes.


WAYKI TREK offers to their passengers the best alternative to be able to experience the real tourism; which is through the “Wayki Experience”. Through this program, our passengers will live one day at the Wayki Community, where they can participate in agricultural or livestock activities; they will also share local food and the daily lives of children who assist this community. All of these activities will enrich your knowledge of our culture and will make your trip unforgettable!
Thanks to “Wayki Experience” and other social work done by WAYKI TREK, many rural communities have seen a contribution to their development.


In an effort to provide a more personalized service to our passengers, we in WAYKI TREK have a policy that our groups will not exceed 8 people. This fact alone sets us apart from other companies that operate departures with bigger groups.


Wayki Trek believes it is a priority to help and assist in the development of local Andean communities. That is why we are actively collaborating to eradicate problems like the loss of self-identity, lack of basic services, low education levels, little economic development, and migration to big cities due to extreme poverty. In an effort to reverse this, Wayki Trek has implemented projects that help to minimize the impact of this problems in the communities. The construction of a Medical Clinic and a rural Library are examples of that effort.


In Wayki Trek, we are known for having small groups in our services. For this reason, the Wayki Experience, in a shared/ group service, always keep a standard between 2-8 people per group. We always handle this range to provide personalized service to our customers.


To book your Wayki Experience, we need the following information (FROM EACH PARTICIPANT):

Personal information:

1) Name of the tour:

2) Trekking starting Date:

3) Name (Include middle name):

4) Last Name:


6) Birthday (DD/MM/YYYY):

7)Number of passport:

8)Passport Expiration Date:


10)If you are student (Do you have ISIC card) YES or NO



13)Phone Number:

14) Food Preference:


16)Medical Requirement:

17)Adittional Services:

Deposit: In order to confirm a space for the Wayki Experience, please, contact your sales executive to inform you of the amount to deposit per person (Depending on the method chosen to make the deposit. The transaction fee is not included)



You can use the PayPal option from our website and follow the steps. Please note that PayPal charges 6% tax for this transaction that is include automatically in this option. Once the payment is done, please forward us the email confirmation in order to proceed with your booking.

In case you decide to make the deposit directly from your account, don’t forget to add the 6% tax. You can send the deposit to this account: leocusi@waykitrek.net



In case you decide to use Western Union (http://www.westernunion.com), you will need the following information:



Paternal name: DALENS

Maternal name: PAUCAR

Address: 239 Quera St., Cusco - Perú

Please don’t forget to send us the tracking code (MTCN) in order to pick up the deposit and confirm your booking.



  • In order to guarantee your participation in the Wayki Experience, you need to send us your deposit. Otherwise we can NOT guarantee the service.
  • The deposit does NOT include any fee or tax for this transaction.
  • Once you send your deposit, please send us the confirmation receipt or MTCN in order to confirm your booking, otherwise we will not be responsible of your booking.
  • The deposit is NOT refundable.
  • The last payment will be made at our Cusco office. Please note that we only take cash.


  • The Wayki Experience is a free service for passengers who reserved the Inca trail 4 day (IT4D) or Inca trail 5 day (IT5D) treks.  Also, you have to reserve the Wayki Experience, at least 30 days prior to beginning your service.  After the aforementioned due date, the service has a cost of $40.00 USD per person. To book this service, you should contact your sales executive. 
  • If you are interested in participating in the tour of the Wayki Experience but you are not participating in either the 4 day Inca trek or 5 day Inca trek (IT4D or IT5D), you are advised to book this tour two days before your main service or at the end of your service. 
  • The accommodation is included in the service of the Wayki Experience. This can be in the Wayki homestay or the campsite.  Wayki Trek reserves the right to distribute the accommodation. The customer will be informed of their kind of accommodation and the date of service.
  • If you would like to help the families of the Wayki Community, we would appreciate if you could bring fruit, sugar, or rice. Also for small school aged children if you could bring school supplies including books, notebooks, pencils, and colored pencils that the children will use to do homework. 
  • If you wish to participate in the Artisanal Fishing activity you must take into account that you have to apply at the time of the booking. This activity has an additional cost and the departure time is 10:30am.  

Make your payments more securely through Paypal. To make your deposit , you can use the following cards: