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Wayki Trek’s associative workJul 03rd, 2017

The concept of associative work has changed its name in different stages of the development of our country. In fact, the term cooperative is very familiar in the interior of Peru. At the end of the 20th century, it was based on community - social models, which were eventually unsustainable for various economic and political reasons.

The idea of ​​this system was for workers in their community to share ownership of one or more assets and manage it communally, in order to obtain shared benefits and to satisfy personal and group aspirations.

Throughout the almost 20 years that we have operated the Inca road, we have achieved a Mistica (Way) of shared work, feeling us as part of the same organism, alive, with projection. Feeling owners of a part of it, we feel that we own our piece of the company with our work.

Today as a company, in Wayki Trek, we have taken that modern concept, merging it with ancient Andean values ​​and transforming it into a form of daily work. Values ​​that we develop with our genesis Inca, inherited and shared by all who were born in Cusco. The same ones we have included as corporate values ​​(Honesty, Respect, Fraternity, Family, Opportunity for Growth, and Identity).

Looking back at our history, we find in the various chronicles sent to Europe that in the Inca Empire there was no poverty, that its people did not have the concept of "poor" in their daily life. How is it possible that in all the incario the population of the Tahuantinsuyu (Inca Territory) ad that feeling of well-being so solid and sustainable?

The Europeans who arrived did not understand how the personal wealth in the Andes was based. Communities provided part of their members to work. The Incas, then, literally redistributed the products and crops that were obtained in the various communities they handled, as well as all the "services and benefits" they had as part of a great empire. They even facilitated the re-distribution of various distant products with the handling of various ecological floors (J. Murra), thus varying even in the type of products and goods.

Peru has a vast coastal strip, and mountain ranges that reach up to 6500 msnsm, thus, including the part of the forest, in addition, we can imagine the enormous amount of products and goods obtained throughout our territory. And that was what was understood in the Inca Empire.

Wealthy, then, using a concept of these times, was not understood in the Inca nation as the accumulation of goods, but of the ability to provide labor for the community, energy for common development, because they knew that it would return in the form of food, infrastructure, security, clothing and so on. It was a win - win for the Andean man, his notion of well - being was, therefore, very far from the western imported concept.

In fact, today, we manage some concepts inherited from our ancestors, such as "Ayniar for my friend”, in the construction of its roof, etc ... understanding how to help another because we are sure that it will be reciprocal (Reciprocity - M. Rostowrowski). But this is only achieved if we are part of a collectivity or a cohesive group that handles the same values.

It is there that the concept of Mistica Wayki lands on the daily life of our collaborators. The common effort based on aspiring to improve within the work we do, because we have the peace of mind that the organization we belong to will always responds to us. It assures us of this concept of well-being.

The delivery of this energy to the company allows it advance, and that, for example, some of our porters can build or remodel their home, as well as some staff in our office can access a course or specialization that they have planned.

Finally it’s that, to plan, to grow. That is what we have always wanted for our members, and that today we drive in Wayki Trek. We got it by operating our tours to Machupicchu, by the Inca Trail, we make it happen.

We have always had that vision, we are a Peruvian organization betting on Peruvians. Our corporate values ​​come defined thousands of years ago in our DNA, and today, we apply it in our sense of association and modern ownership in our company.






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