5 exercises that will help you prepare for the Inca Trail

Written by Wayki Trek, 18/01/2021 5:51 pm

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We know that doing the Inca Trail can be challenging. That is why here we leave you 5 exercises that can help you prepare for the Inca Trail. Hiking may not be as physically demanding as running or biking, but it still requires good stamina for a long-distance hike.

That is why it is important to train to make sure that we will be able to complete the walk. We will do at least 4 times a week 45-minute exercises, here are some options.


1. Build your aerobic endurance

If you do not exercise regularly, start an aerobic training program as soon as possible, this is very important before doing the Inca Trail.

Doing a 45-minute home routine for beginners would be ideal. Here we leave you a YouTube channel that you can start following.


2. Strength – 5 exercises that will help you prepare for the Inca Trail

Sometimes, when hiking in the mountains, we can find sections of the road that can be somewhat more complicated and that we probably cannot walk normally.

For all these occasions that will surely come our way on a long slope, it is important that we find ourselves agile to bend down, get up and lean strongly on our arms to use them as a lever.

That is why another exercise that we recommend is swimming and weights. These exercises will help you to have greater strength in your arms.


3. Tenis – 5 exercises that will help you prepare for the Inca Trail

The advantages of its practice are evident. Physically it favors mobility and flexibility, strengthens the muscles and bones. It is also beneficial for cardiovascular health, since being an aerobic exercise improves the cardiac and respiratory environment.


4. Dancing

Dancing is not only fun, but it also produces multiple benefits for your physical, mental and social health. If you don’t dance yet, nothing stops you from doing it!

he movements we normally make in our daily lives, such as walking, climbing stairs, and common workouts like treadmills and cycling, occur in the sagittal plane (forward and backward, left and right), but the Dancing works on your body from all planes, including lateral and rotational, which serves to really work all the muscles.


5. Cycling

Cycling is probably the best exercise to improve your fitness in a healthy way while burning fat. But riding a bike is not only ideal for those who want to lose some weight, it is also perfect for people who are interested in being more physically active.

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