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23/01/2020 7:04 pm

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It is possible that, usually it has been seen by some document, or some YouTube videos the silhouette of people of thin texture, some curved, with the skin of falcon; carrying huge duffels on the ancient Inca Trail. Well, these people are the Porters.

The practice of carrying exercise, as such, has many years in the route of the Incas: In fact, it’s not a new topic. And it is necessary to mention that in previous decades there were companies and operators of unscrupulous guides who took the services of these people without a just pay, the minimum concern for what they lived, or the effort they made.

Our dear ones People who travel through the nearby communities of Cusco, who have a long time in agricultural activities, however, there are also families who have been practicing this craft for several years. They are people of origin certainly humble, but for the most part, with a great cultural heritage by Inca history and millennial traditions that core them.

Some of them, with decisiveness about the future, effort and dedication, forged an identity and an exceptional form of work for years. Today, we can say that they became operators. Yes, they managed to consolidate a human group, resources and become companies that operate with high quality and international standards the route of the Incas.

Being the origin so ancient and of a rich identity: These authentic Andean operators, among them Wayki Trek, secured the relation that their Waykis (Porters) have with their “pairs”, with all the affection, respect and concern for their well-being and development. They know very well what their needs are and together they seek to advance in a way of mutual well-being, offering an exceptional service to our travelers.

Since declaring MachuPicchu as one of the new wonders of mankind, we have already that the route is controlled by many standards, vigilantes, park rangers, and so on. Likewise, the service that is taken from the Porters is also regulated. Thus, this activity becomes a new form, official and specialized, earned a living in the area, taking advantage of tourism in the growth of the department of Cusco.

Hence it is understood that the companies respect the rules of the gentiles and prestos. And is that the Peruvian government has a law of the Porters, and the operators who comply, are, truly, those who are serious by you when they select an operating company when they come to Peru.

Weight limits are established: Such as establishing that the maximum load is 20 kilos. On the other hand. The Porters, in serious companies, are granted a cargo space of personal items of 5 kg. They are also organized, that, there are several activities that are carried out on the route, such as the waste manager, the person in charge of the tent bath, carps (Tents), and others.

If visitors want to have a good deal with them, not only depend on the tips that are given, but the way we communicate with them. In fact they have many traditions and stories that outline and were a delight to our vision of life having a brief, but interesting chat with them.

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