Why taking a canteen to the Inca Trail is essential.

04/05/2024 12:52 pm

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Carrying a canteen or water bottle on the Inca Trail is absolutely essential for several reasons ranging from personal health and safety to respecting the natural environment in the conservation of the Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary. Here we explain some important aspects:


  1. Prevention of Dehydration

The Inca Trail is known for its varied microclimates and the physical demands of the journey, which can vary considerably depending on the geographical characteristics of each day. Dehydration at high altitudes can occur more quickly than at sea level due to low atmospheric pressure and dry air. Drinking water regularly helps prevent dehydration, altitude sickness, and other altitude-related exertion problems.


  1. Maintenance of Physical Performance

Walking on uneven terrain and climbing steep stairs, like those on the Inca Trail, requires a lot of energy. Adequate water intake is essential to maintain blood volume, facilitate the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, and for the elimination of metabolic waste. This is vital for maintaining a high level of performance and enjoying the hike.


  1. Regulation of Body Temperature

Intense physical exercise, combined with climate variations along the Inca Trail, can affect the body’s ability to regulate its temperature. Water helps cool the body through sweating and evaporation, a crucial mechanism in an active hiking environment.


  1. Environmental Protection

The Inca Trail passes through areas of great historical and ecological value. Carrying a reusable bottle minimizes the amount of waste generated, compared to buying disposable water bottles. This helps preserve the natural and archaeological environment of the trail for future generations.


  1. Choosing the Right Water Bottle or Canteen


Choosing the right water bottle or canteen is as important as deciding to carry water itself. Here are some criteria to consider:


Material: Stainless steel bottles are durable and maintain the temperature of the liquid, but are heavier. Plastic bottles are lightweight and practical, though they may transfer tastes to the water and, in some cases, chemicals if they are not BPA-free.


Capacity: The size of the bottle will depend on the facilities provided by your operating company. For instance, Wayki Trek provides boiled water at each meal location to refill bottles, so the ideal capacity is 750 milliliters.


Easy to Use: Look for bottles that can be easily opened and closed, preferably with one hand, and that do not leak.


Sustainability: Consider a reusable bottle to minimize the environmental impact of plastic waste.


If you want more insight on what type of canteen or water bottle to choose, read this article.


In conclusion, carrying a water bottle or canteen on the Inca Trail is a fundamental aspect to ensure a safe, healthy, and environmentally respectful experience. It is as vital as the right footwear or appropriate clothing for the climate. Not only does it ensure your well-being during the hike, but it also protects the precious environment through which you will have the privilege to walk.

We hope this article helped you, have a great trip!

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