The goal of this packet and program is to help you our customer gain the maximum enjoyment of your Salkantay trek and to help prepare and acclimate you to the very demanding and life changing journey that you are about to partake in. Each day of the three days in Cusco before your Salkantay trek, we will be taking walks or hiking around to various different culturally and historically significant locations while gradually increasing the difficulty of the hikes as well as the altitude so that you will be more adapted to the extreme altitude and its’ effects. We provide this so that you will completely enjoy your adventure and have the most successful trek possible. We not only want your trip to be entertaining and fun but we also want to provide you an excellent learning opportunity and unforgettable cultural experience that no other agency can provide nor even offers.

DAY 1 : Walking in Cusco city

We will begin our first day’s preparations by taking a light, leisurely 3-4 hour walk around the ancient Imperial capital of the Inca civilization while taking advantage of some of the culturally and historically significant landmarks of the area. During the last hour we will gradually ascend some 150 m (a little less than 500 feet) to reach the artisanal neighborhood of San Blas.

Cusco today is a city with all of the conveniences of a modern city, but nevertheless the buildings/architecture as well as the people and their customs and traditions transport us back through time so that we can gain some insight and experience into what life was like during the Incan era, the colonial era after the Spanish conquest, and the era of the Republic of Perú when Perú first gained its’ independence from Spanish rule. To immerse ourselves into the millennia of history of the Andes.

will begin with a visit to the famous San Pedro Market where all manner of supplies can be found. It is here where we will encounter many varieties of food and nourishment as well as medicinal plants and herbs, cereals and grains, vegetables, fruits, clothing, and much more. This is the market that the local urban population utilizes to buy their provisions and daily groceries for their own Cusqueñan families which generates comercial interaction between different locales and within this market we will find many examples of local customs.

We will continue exploring the Incan streets as we visit the famous “12 sided stone” which has seen many historical events until we arrive in the artisanal neighborhood of San Blas, which has been known as a famous art district since the Incan Empire and continues to maintain the same reputation in modern times. Here the incline of the stairs is gradual and we will ascend its’ narrow streets until we reach the highest point where we can all appreciate the enchanting view of the city of Cusco. After enjoying the view we will return to the hotel to rest.

Day 2 : Exploring Sacred Valley area

visit during the morning will be at approximately 3,500 m (a little less  than 11,500 feet), which will help our bodies acclimate to the high altitude. In the afternoon, we will have a 2 hour hike which is a little more arduous beginning at the artesanal market of Pisac and ending at the archeological center of Pisac which is found on the mountain above the city. We will ascend approximately 450 m ( about 1,476 feet) from where we begin.

After enjoying breakfast, we will head to the outskirts of Cusco to visit Sacsayhuamán, a site with religious importance and very imposing architecture featuring gates, turrets, and astronomic observatories. This is the very same site that is at the highest point of the city, known by many as the head of the the city of the Puma or head of the Puma. Here is where the festival of the Sun is celebrated, named Intiraymi or the festival of Cusco, every 24th of June

Afterwards, we will visit Qenqo, a representation of the Andean cosmic worldview and the concept of the three world’s or plains of existence. Each one is represented by its’ sacred animal: the condor, the puma, and the serpent. We will also see Puka Pukara (“red fortress” in Quechua), a strong military base of the era of the Inca Empire located in a strategic location and was used to control the entrance of the sacred Incan city from people coming from the Amazon region.

Later we will head to Tambomachay, known as the temple of water which met religious purposes linked with water and the regeneration of the earth. Through the Cusqueñan tradition it is known as the fountain of eternal youth. After our morning excursion, we will continue on to the Sacred Valley passing through a picturesque landscape until we arrive at Awanacancha, where we will encounter llama, alpaca, and an artesanal textile center.

This is how we will arrive to the artesanal market of Pisac.

After lunch and resting, we will prepare ourselves to begin the ascent of Pisac mountain until we arrive at the archeological center, situated on a strategic point of the mountains, like a guardian of the Sacred Valley. It is an extremely well planned and thought out Incan city, with an urban and rural sector, religious temples, military and astronomic turrets, residences, tunnels, and terraces with hydraulic canals between many other structures.

Pisac to Porter's villages

Before beginning our hike, we will make sure that we are well hydrated so as to embark on one of the most amazing journeys you can experience. We will slowly ascend the mountain via a sacred path, which is located in between Inca platforms that are part of the Inca city and beautifully carved stone paths. As we continue to ascend, we will observe the splendorous Sacred Valley, as well as a harmonious landscape comprised of many Inca constructions and mountains.

Sacred Place – The Temple of the Sun, Moon, and Stars

Continuously showering us with gifts, Pisac gifts us one of the most precious treasures of the entire Inca Empire. The sacred part. The most beautiful part of Pisac. The Intihuatana. The Intihuatana was used as a solar calendar (annual calendar). It also possesses a lunar calendar (monthly calendar), a chakana or patapata, which is the representation of the Pachamama, and, in the upper part of this sacred construction, there are representations of stairways that seek to embody the Seqes system, which constitutes a series of imaginary lines similar to the constellations that could be seen in Cusco.

Wayki Experience Paru Paru ( During the Afternoon )

Upon reaching our porters’ community, they will receive us with a typical local dance. Afterwards, they will welcome us by showcasing the rhythm and meter in Andean music and take us to the lunch table.

After lunch, we will head towards one of our porter’s chacra (farm) to take part in an agricultural activity. According to the specific season, we will be using different tools, but for the most part, we will use the chaquitaclla, also known as lampa or cuti. Before starting this activity, there will be a tinka, or Andean ceremony, where we will give thanks to the pachamama (mother earth) and the apus (sacred mountains). After the agricultural activity, we will have a thank-you dance in the fields

Once the sun has set, we will visit our porters’ houses, where we will meet their families (wives and children) and learn about their familial customs and traditions. After meeting these beautiful families, we will go to the house of our host, who will show us the place where we will be spending the night and, also, where we will be enjoying an exquisite typical dinner. During dinner, we will delight your ears with stories, myths, and legends of the Paru Paru community. Finally, we will go to rest and so as to be ready for our Inca trail hike.


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We are interested to know you, to answer all your questions and, in this way, designing for you the BEST ADVENTURE!

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