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13/03/2021 5:18 pm

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Everybody likes to travel. Young or old pleople, there is something that is very attractive in exploring the world beyond your home specialy the Inca Trail. A great way to see it is to travel, although you may have to adjust your activities based on your physical abilities. Preparation, in these cases, is essential to star with a training, If you are over 50’s or want to prepare phisically click below.

How to prepare for the InKa Trail after 50’s

7 Exercises That Help You Prepare For a Trek

If you are over 50’s, maybe wanna do a trek with your family and children or you are not experienced hiking and think that you are not able to do a hike like the inca trail or other alternative treks in Cusco. Gues what? You can do it! Here we give you some simple reasons to deside and make the trek with us and arrive to Machupicchu like the Incas did it in their time.

You may be limited to make a trek in the altitude by your age or maybe because you are slow hiker, We have seen groups of 15 or 30 participants trekking different routes and in these groups there are good hikers, medum hikers and slow hikers trying to enjoy the experience as much as they can but, the slow ones (over 50’s and unexperienced) are generally the ones that have not a good time, making a extra effort in the hike arriving on time with all group which is not nice if the idea is to enjoy the landscapes, taking pictures or maybe chating with other participant that may have the same step as last one, unfortunately that case in  large groups the guide can’t help to mucho in case a participant goes last and by the number of participants which will not let you to have a nice time in the experience of the inca trail.

Small groups are better in almost any age.

In small groups you can enjoy the inca trail, whatever your experience can be, your age or your hiking step because you will walk in your own step without the thinking in arriving on time with the quick ones, which means that you will have time to apreciate each moment in your way to the campsite , also you will have time to take pictures or rest while enjoying the views, during the trek the Guide will assist you in case you have any inconvenience, as the group is small he will have time to take care of all participants.

Specialized Guide in small groups.

In Wayki trek the Guides are experienced doing the treks in small groups which means that it is  easy for him or her to manage the group, to interact with the participants, in case you have any question or doubt during on way the guide will solve it.

Old or Young people will complete the trek!

We put énfasis in people over 50 years because the phisical condition are not the same, is for that reason that we are experienced in small groups because we want all participants have a great Adventure without inconveniences, the guides and field personal will bring you assistance on the way, they are prepared in case any problem shows up, for example it could be hard to breath, they will assist you, as the groups is small the groups stays the most of the time together which means that the last one will not be far from quickest one and the rest of participants and the guide can asisst on time in case any situation, the same for inexperienced young people that may have inconvenience in the trekking.

In Pandemic time.

Specially during the pandemic time the small groups are safer because the exposition to any virus is even less following the biosecurity protocols, so, less participants, less possibility to get a contagion, also having a few participants makes to apply the biosecurity protols is easier and succesfully because the Guide can control the protocols be applied during the trek.

Altitude is not a problem!

Take a look in the link below to know about that.


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