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For hikers who are traveling to Cusco from places at sea level, we recommend you arrive 2 or 3 days before the start of your tour. The two most common illnesses that afflict tourists are: altitude sickness (soroche) and stomach pains, which are due to slow digestion.

Regarding altitude sickness, the symptoms that may manifest include: headaches and nausea. There are pills you can take in order to counter the effect of altitude sickness.

Consult with your doctor. If the symtomps persist, we highly recommend the use of supplemental oxygen. For these types of inconveniences, we have at our disposal the necessary equipment and count with the support of  trained personnel to assist clients immediately.

Regarding stomach pains, it is recommended to drink a sufficient amount of water (from 3 to 5 liters a day). This is very important as the body needs this to stay hydrated. We especially recommend drinking hot beverages, such as coca tea. During your first two days in Cusco, we also recommend you eat soups, vegetables, carbohydrates (no fried foods or heavy meals), as well as candies, chocolates, cookies, and fruit, all of which are foods that are easy to digest. Do not consume alcoholic drinks or smoke cigarettes.

You must sleep as much as possible (an average of 8 hours a day) and you should refrain from excercising too much. Try to always keep your body warm and wear warm clothes to protect yourself from the cold. Throughout your acclimatisation period, you should never forget the following: eat right and drink lots of liquids

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