Celebration of the Sun Festival or INTI RAYMI in 2020

10/06/2020 5:13 pm

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With great enthusiasm we share the news that this 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting the world, in the Cusco region we have found a way to celebrate the famous INTI RAYMI or Fiesta del Sol.

Both the INTI RAYMI and the Fiestas del Cusco “Cusco’s celebration Months, which are held annually in the month of June with more than 200 activities and great attendance from local public and visitors, this time will be held virtually. To this end, a very special and varied program has been developed, consisting of around 25 activities that will be disseminated through digital platforms, social networks, traditional media and other channels that current technology allows.

It is worth mentioning that the INTI RAYMI is an ancestral celebration that takes place in Cusco and in the Andean towns. The ritual begins with the sunset of the longest night of the year, June 23, a date considered before the solstice. Its meaning is to ask the Sun God to get closer to Earth, starting the summer. This celebration also coincides with the harvest season and the end of an Andean agricultural cycle. Pachamama (mother earth) and Tayta Inti (father sun) are acknowledged in gratitude for the abundant life that coincides with the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. Every June 24 is considered as the birth of a new sun, and is commemorated by a celebration that aims to strengthen the commitment to care for, respect and work in a balanced way the ecosystem. In this way, our Pachamama and Tayta Inti are thanked for allowing us to live our lives in abundance every year.

Returning to the program of activities developed for this year’s celebrations, the INTI RAYMI, the most notable celebration of the Inca calendar and declared as Cultural Heritage of the Nation and Official Act and Main Ritual Ceremony of National Identity, this time it will be celebrated with two Important dissemination works: an impressive video that presents the Fiesta del Sol with 360 ° virtual reality technology and a summary of the previous stagings.

You will be able to enjoy a special of the INTI RAYMI, the “behind the scenes” of the great celebration of the Sun that year after year summons more than 700 actors and artists on its three stages: the esplanade of the Temple of the Sun (Qorikancha), the Plaza Mayor of Cusco and the esplanade of the Saqsaywaman Fortress, as well as the famous Inca greeting from Saqsaywaman.

It also includes the presentation of the traditional rite and offering to the Pachamama on June 1, the traditional Corpus Christi procession and the consumption of the typical dish linked to this tradition, the “chiriuchu”, which will be broadcast thanks to promotional videos and will be shared a practical guide for the preparation of this delicious typical dish. Also included is the dissemination of important visual works on the folk parades, musical shows and various cultural and artistic expressions that take place on the occasion of the Cusco festivals such as the pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Lord of Qoyllur rit’i, the Corpus altars, founders of the Fiestas del Cusco, the preparation of the traditional “watia” – typical dish that is prepared in the so-called dry or harvest months and that is similar to the pachamanca of other regions, the presentation of typical clothing, the most impressive presentations of the Cusco Symphony Orchestra, among others.

In order to encourage public participation in this program, a contest for old, modern and contemporary photographs of the Cusco Festivities is being held, which in 2019 turned 75, counted from its first realization in 1944, together with the re-establishment of INTI RAYMI.

WAYKI TREK congratulates LAP to the Provincial Municipality of Cusco and the Municipal Company of Celebrations of Cusco (EMUFEC) who announced this complete program of celebrations for this year, since these activities seek to strengthen and remember despite this emergency situation , that June is the month of the festivities of Cusco and the INTI RAYMI and at the same time the opportunity is good to reach an invitation to our tourist friends in the hope that in 2021 they can visit us to celebrate our festivities together.

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