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10/06/2020 6:21 pm

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WAYKI TREK considers that when the social isolation due to COVID-19 ends, the tourism companies in the Cusco region should meet certain requirements to be able to work freely in the field of tourism.

One way of making this possible may be that tourism companies may have a “COVID FREE” Certificate or Badge, as a maximum guarantee of compliance with national and international standards and recommendations in the fight against the pandemic.

But what is the COVID FREE Certificate? What does it mean?

“COVID FREE” is a new label that seeks to save the tourism sector in Spain, or at least that is what its promoters declare.

The COVID-19 has changed everything in the present and also represent changes in the immediate future. Because it seems clear, from what the WHO (World Health Organization) and expert doctors declare, that there will be a long period of time in which we will be forced to keep our distance. In this context, the best “hook” for a foreign tourist will be to guarantee that wherever they decide to spend their vacations there will be no risk of contracting the Coronavirus. “COVID Free”, said in English, is precisely that, the label that could certify a safe tourism.

This initiative is already being promoted among hotels in Spain. The Madrid Hotel Business Association (AEHM) has been developing a common protocol for the creation of the “COVID Free Hotels” certificate that guarantees the safety of clients and workers of the hotels in Madrid hotels for its re-opening.

As an example, the company “Room Mate Hotels” has already applied cleaning and disinfection measures since 13th March 2020 and from now on, it will implement the COVID Free Protocol in the 28 hotels of its chain to guarantee customer safety and employees’ safety.

Among the different actions, the following stand out, in the case of hotels:

  • Training of employees in hygiene and safety measures
  • Provision of mandatory protective masks and gloves for employees
  • Implementation in the rooms of specific protocols certified by the health authorities, cleaning and sterilization of all frequently used items
  • Installation of doormats with water and bleach solution at hotel entrances and elevators
  • Carry out temperature controls on all persons accessing hotels.
  • Conditioning of the reception area of ​​each hotel with methacrylate partitions and safety distance marks on the floor.
  • Reinforcement of cleaning and ventilation shifts in common areas.
  • Installation of disinfectant gel for hands, wipes and specific posters to remember the measures of social distancing
  • Distribution of sanitary kit to the clients including mask, gloves and gel

In addition, the hotel chain considers a staggered opening of the restaurant areas, so in the first phase it will serve breakfasts in the room. In the second phase it will enable common areas with a la carte breakfast service to avoid crowds and finally, it will open the breakfast buffet in shifts.

WAYKI TREK considers that these types of measures should be implemented in all tourist facilities, including the offices of travel agencies.

The most effective measures we have to deal with COVID-19 are preventive and comply with protocols that ensure and demonstrate controls to protect ourselves and all those around us.

All organizations must demonstrate to workers and customers the maximum responsibility and control over the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Certainly, at WAYKI TREK we are attentive to everything that the Peruvian Government has established about sanitary measures and protocols at the national level, since Peru, as well as Spain, aspires to be a COVID FREE country and all these regulations will be very useful to promote better the reactivation of tourism in our country.

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