The benefits of using Trekking Poles!

21/04/2023 5:54 pm

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Have you ever wondered how useful trekking poles are? If you are passionate about nature and hiking trails, surely you have asked yourself this question. But, did you know that these poles can become your best ally during your excursions?

In this article, we present the 10 reasons why you should consider including trekking poles in your equipment for the next routes you do:

Support Points

They offer more support points: Trekking poles provide two additional support points, which is essential for multi-day hikes and extreme terrain.

By using them, you engage the upper body and work 90% of the muscles, compared to the 60% that are used in normal walking.


They improve the rhythm: By using the trekking poles, you will be able to set the pace of the march and increase speed.

In addition, you can increase your calorie consumption by up to 45%, which makes them a guaranteed way to stay in shape.

Traction and Balance

Improved traction and balance: Trekking poles are especially useful for terrain with snow, water, mud and loose rock, as they provide greater traction and balance.

This increases your agility and therefore your pace and speed.

Load Distribution 

They reduce the load on knees and ankles: Trekking poles have been shown to greatly relieve the lower extremities, avoiding knee and ankle injuries by involving the upper trunk.

They reduce the impact on the knees by up to 25% and allow you to enjoy the activity for longer.


They help control body posture: Long poles are ideal for straightening the back and improving posture and stability of the spine.

In addition, many talk about its benefits for the neck, since they relax and massage the neck when walking with trekking poles.

Obstacle Clearing

Move obstacles with them: Trekking poles make the path easier to travel, allowing you to easily move aside any obstacle that is in your path.

Can be used to rest

They offer moments of rest: The poles mean two new support points, which allow the weight of the back to be distributed and you feel lighter. Also, if you need a break, you can lean on them without any problem.

Terrain Testing

Useful as a Probe: Trekking poles can act as a probe to examine the terrain and thus have more information about where you stand.

This is of great help on all kinds of routes and trails, especially when going through the bush or high mountains.

Self Defense

Useful for defending yourself: You never know what you might come across while hiking in the middle of a mountain. Trekking poles can become a defense weapon if necessary.

Extra Uses

Multiple uses: With hiking poles you can get poles for shelters, monopods for your best photos, stakes or splints for injuries.


Remember, hiking poles aren´t obligatory for any hiking trip, but they are useful tools in challenging environments. Consider using them depending on the type of hike you’ll be doing.

We hope this article helped you, have a good trip!



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