Festivity of the Compadres (Godfather)

05/02/2021 4:43 pm

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This tradition of the day of the comadres and compadres, according to José Antonio Rocha, Dean of the faculty of social sciences of the UMSS (University in Cochabamba Bolivia), comes from an ancient ritual, a custom that was carried out in the Inca’s time, which It consisted of choosing tutors or those responsible for the boys and girls as godparents (according to the chronicler Guamán Poma de Ayala, in the 17th century).

The “day of Compadres”, this traditional festival is celebrated in popular sectors, such as markets, it is a important part of much larger festival celebrated in the Andean world and known as “Carnivals.” As in other parts of the planet, this “meat festival” is characterized by costumes, characters, games and parades in the streets. However, its Andean face claims elements of our geography and living culture. One of them is the compadres day that is celebrated two Thursdays before the carnivals, bringing together friends who have formed strong bonds of unity. In the Andes, the compadre or the comadre are very loved and appreciated characters in a family. They represent a second paternity and increase in the most important moments such as baptism, communion, graduation, or marriage. For this reason, the closest ones are chosen from among friends or family because they have to live with them as Ayllu (community) and Ayni (reciprocity) claim. The party is lived with excitement and chicherías dress up in balloons and streamers. People amuse themselves by throwing in mixture or colored powders. In the more traditional neighborhoods you can see dolls of characters that portray “the compadres” but also satire among the parishioners where.

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