The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is the most awe-inspiring trek in the Americas. Along its 44km length of Inca road, you’ll come across different archaeological sites, breathtaking views of towering glaciated mountains, inter-Andean valleys, and semi-tropical forests. Microclimates ranging from cold mountain passes to temperate high jungle await you with all their flora and fauna. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the vestiges of an ancient society, much of which still survives intact in archaeological sites, trails, bridges and the rural population of Peru. Discovering its mystique and ancestral culture along this trail is a great accomplishment. 


We keep our group sizes small at Wayki Trek, allowing us to give you highly personalized service. This lets you enjoy your hike more and better get to know all the other participants, making your experience unique and unforgettable. We also practice a high level of environmental and social responsibility on each one of our expeditions.

Price for small groups (8 people maximum, 4 people minimum)

  • $960.00 USD for adults
  • $912.00 USD for students**

These prices also include:

A porter to carry 8kg (17.6lb) of your personal gear.

Wayki Experience, staying with our porters in their home community (optional).

* Price per person, applicable to departures from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024


  1. Children between 8-17 years old pay student price, but they must show a copy of their passport.  Children will receive the underage student price if they, at the time of their trip, are at most 17 years old and have had their birthday recently.
  2. University students must have a student card with the following information to receive the discount:

   a) Name of the university

   b) The student’s full name, identical to the one in their passport.

   c) A photo of the student.

   d) Student number or code.

   e) Expiry date (must be valid for the entire duration of the trip 2021-2022).

The student card must show all of the information mentioned above. If it does not, the Peruvian Ministry of Culture will not accept the card and will not issue a discount for the Inca Trail permit (it is this discount from the Ministry of Culture that we pass on to students).

Once you have reserved as a student, you must bring your original student card (not a copy) to enter the Inca Trail. If you forget your card, you will not be able to do the hike and you will lose your permit.

Additional Services:

  • Extra Porter to carry 8kg (17.6lb): $90 USD. You must request this at the time that you make your reservation.
  • Extra Porter to carry 15kg (33lb): $150 USD. You must request this at the time that you make your reservation.
  • Private tent: $90 USD
  • Wayna Picchu Mountain: $75.00 USD
  • Machupicchu Mountain: $75.00 USD  The prices of Wayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountains can vary based on the exchange rate of the American dollar.
  • Extra night in Aguas Calientes: the price will depend on the category of hotel that you choose.
  • To Upgrade or change the hours of your return train service from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo: please consult with us about this.


Special terms and conditions: In the event that the COVID 19 pandemic situation continues throughout the world, Wayki Trek will give you the option to reschedule your trip or have a credit note for the future or return in coordination with the regulatory institutions of tourist attractions.


Wayki Trek has the following policies concerning cancellation of reservations:

  1. Due to the strict regulations established by Machu Picchu Park, once you have made your booking the space and permit that has been purchased cannot be cancelled. It is also impossible to transfer the permit to someone else under a different name. The date of your permit can not be modified either. Therefore, if you are not able to arrive on the scheduled date, no refunds can be made for your Inca Trail permit. 

Permits are not refundable and WAYKI TREK will purchase the permits as soon as confirmation of your booking has been sent.


 a) If you cancel 30 or more days in advance, you will lose your first deposit but will have the right to whatever entrance   tickets we have purchased for you.

b)If you cancel between 29 and 11 days before your trip, you must pay 50% of the total cost. You will have the right to   whatever entrance tickets we have purchased for you, a guided tour of Machu Picchu on the day that it was   scheduled in your original itinerary, and whatever other service we have purchased for you.

c)If you cancel between 10 and 4 days before your trip, you must pay 80% of the total cost. You will have the right to   whatever entrance tickets we have purchased for you, a guided tour of Machu Picchu on the day that it was   scheduled in your original itinerary, train ticket* and bus ticket.

d)If you cancel between 1 and 3 days before your trip, this is regarded as a “no show” and you must pay 100% of the total cost.       You will have the right to whatever entrance tickets we have purchased for you, a guided tour of Machu Picchu on     the day that it was scheduled in your original itinerary, train ticket* and bus ticket.

2.   If you decide to stop for personal reasons once the hike has started, you will automatically lose all the included services. Any costs incurred during your return, such as food, transportation, or lodging, will be your responsibility. However, you can rejoin the group   at   Machu Picchu for the visit, where you may use your entrance ticket, participate in the guided tour, take the return bus to Aguas  Calientes and the train back to Ollantaytambo

3.  If you plan to renew your passport after making your reservation, especially the number, be sure to send a photo of the old passport  and the new one to make the change at Machu Picchu Park office. Ideally, bring your old passport with you as well.

4.  If you change your last name from the one which is on your passport (for marriage or any other reason), you will not be able to  update  this on your trail permit or Machu Picchu entrance ticket. However, your reserved space on the trail will stay available, and you  can buy the trail permit again (at an extra cost) for this space using your new last name. To avoid repurchasing your ticket, you  can use  your passport with your old name that your original reservation was made under, but this passport must be valid for the  entire duration of your visit.

5.  Events out of our control which make any part of the trip impossible, such as strikes, protests, flight cancellations, weathe conditions, or the overselling of hotels or flights. In any of these cases, we will suggest alternative arrangements (if any are available) to make the trip possible. Any costs associated with these alternative arrangements will be the responsibility of the traveler.



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