Inti Raymi (Festiviti of the Sun)

24/06/2021 9:09 pm

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Every year on June 24, the city of Cusco becomes the scene of the Inti Raymi “festivity of the Sun”in honor to one divinity of the Inka worldview, the Inti Raymi was established by Pachacuteq Inka Yupanqui in 1430, the festival was known at that time as wawa Inti Raymi (festival of the sun child) in reference to the rebirth of the sun with the winter solstice and the beginning of a new annual shekel, the rituals of the festival were carried out in the Huaccay pata square (Cusco’s main square) lasting 15 days of ceremonies, dances and animal sacrifice. Arriving in Peru, the Spanish imposed a hard process of evangelization. The last time that the festival tooke place with the presence of the Inka was in 1535, the intiraymi was prohibited by Viceroy Francisco de Toledo in 1572 when considering it pagan and contrary to the principles of the catholic faith, however the festival continued to be celebrated clandestinely for a few more years.

The chroniclers Guaman Poma de Ayala and Garcilaso de la Vega are key figures to understand the importance of this celebration in the religious calendar of the Incas as well as giving important details about its realization, in 1944 the Cusqueño artist Faustino Espinoza Navarro promoted the recovery of this festivity with the aim of attracting tourists to the city.

At present, its celebration has become a popular tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world, in which more than 700 artists participate on stage and is witnessed live by more than 100,000 spectators, including tourists and locals, The importance of inti Raymi was Recognized by the Peruvian state declaring it cultural heritage of the nation on March 2, 2001.

This year due to the restrictions of the pandemic it takes place without an audience but a government channel is broadcasting live.

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