Situation of Tourist Activities In Cusco

12/01/2021 8:03 pm

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Situation of tourist activities in Cusco

The situation facing the world as a result of the pandemic forced the adoption of social immobilization measures that implied the total paralysis of tourism-related companies, such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, people transport agencies, and travel and tourism agencies. Although these companies have seen their income fall to practically zero, each one faces different realities, with less ability to stay afloat, workers more exposed than others and different recovery projections.


Tourism agencies in Cusco.

Regarding the current situation of tourism agencies, at present many of them have had to close due to lack of income, for which they also had to fire their staff, in other cases change their category to survive and wait for the situation to improve to be able to restart practically from scratch and those that remain are working on the implementation of biosafety protocols in their services and on their improvement.

In the last two months of 2020, there was a small influx of national and international tourists to the city of Cusco due to the relaxation of some restrictions; most of them were national tourists that benefited some companies.


Tourist Restaurants in Cusco

Due to the pandemic, many restaurants have closed, changed their category such as becoming grocery stores, others became purely local restaurants and had to reduce the number of workers, to date almost all of the restaurants before tourism provide the service to the local consumer. “Delivery service not only involves acquiring personal protective equipment, that is, overalls, masks, gloves, and others for workers, but also a much greater investment.”

And it is that, in a city like Cusco, Delivery service represents 1% of all restaurant activity, so the small and medium businessman must purchase at least one motorcycle, the implements for the distribution of the prepared walk, daily gasoline, etc.

Faced with this harsh reality, Reactiva Peru program in Cusco has only reached 10% of the restaurants that make up the Association.


Tourist Transport in Cusco.

As in the other activities that involve tourism, transport is also one of those affected by the pandemic, many of the transport companies of this type had to change their activity. At present, many of these companies provide public transport services either at the urban, provincial and interprovincial levels; in other cases, they provide this service to the mining activity.


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