Construction of a health center in the community

Chillipahua – Huarocondo


This project began in 2009. In Wayki Trek we saw how important it was to build a health center or “medical center” as they say in Peru, in the community of Chillipahua – Huarocondo; which has more than 190 families in their community. This community is located away from the city and does not have basic services. Statistically, the rate of malnutrition infant mortality is very high. In view of this problem, we had a meeting with community representatives to agree to work together. In parallel, Wayki Trek began seeking other partners for social and economic assistance in order to build the health center that was needed. It is there, where we were joined by the British travel agency World Challenge, who accepted this challenge gladly. With the union of three partners: – Huarocondo Wayki Trek, World Challenge and the Community, the construction of the medical center in the community of Chillipahua began. At present, the construction is completed and the residents of the community have benefited by the health services offered at the center. With a joint effort, we have obtained a better quality of health for our brothers in Cusco.

Construction and implementation of the library in the community of




Huayllacocha’s community is one of the largest communities in the area and works along with other neighboring communities. This community manages a population of about 1,500 inhabitants. Its’ main activities are agriculture and livestock; as a complement, some inhabitants work in the field of tourism as porters and cooks. In recent years, this community has been the main host of our program of experiential travel or immersion travel, the Wayki Experience. The residents of this community have received tourists in their homes, they have given them food and accommodation, they were in charge of showing the world the customs and traditions of a village with Incan descent. They have also invited our clients to participate in their daily activities and have had great experiences with these participants. Despite these beautiful activities, Huayllacocha community has its’ shortcomings.

The education factor in the area, was very sloppy. Education levels were very basic and the different daily activities of this society stopped minors in fulfilling their duties in regards to study. For that reason, it was decided to participate in the construction and implementation of school library. Today, we have educational materials for different school years. Also, we constantly receive supplies from our customers. However, we are always more than happy to receive any material that can contribute to the educational development of our children. Currently the work continues on the implementation of study hours in the afternoon, considering that children and adolescents are helping their family in field activities in the morning and they only have time available in the afternoon to attend school. To develop this activity, we are looking for volunteer teachers specialized in areas such as mathematics, computer science, English language and other subjects, who wish to teach.



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