The Benefits Of Hiking

13/01/2021 6:31 pm

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As we already know, aerobic exercises are the best way to find shape, lose weight, and minimize the possibility of cardiovascular disease. Being absolutely convinced that of all aerobic sports, running is the most effective at all levels, we understand that there may be people who either do not share our theory or do not have the adequate disposition to practice it. Discarding the race, leaving aside both cycling, and swimming because they require certain logistics, which is not always available, we want to recommend one of the great forgotten and that brings the greatest benefits to the body: mountain hiking.

There are so many towns in the world with some mountains near the cities, that we should encourage ourselves to go hiking and, if possible, in the mountains (due to its extra demand), since its benefits are obvious and they also begin to be noticed from the first outing we do.

The benefits of mountain hiking

1.-Improved cardiovascular health: heart, lungs and reduces stress; and therefore minimizes the risks associated with vascular   diseases and diabetes.

2.-Reduce bad cholesterol.

3.-Increase in general strength and muscle toning of the lower body.

4.-Increase in bone density, especially recommended for women over 40.

5.-Increase optimism and reduce the possibility of depression.

6.-Improves the quality of sleep.

7.-Weight control: hiking burns about 400 calories per hour in a person of average weight.

8.-Activity and moderate physical exercise reduce the risk of early death.

We can regulate the intensity of hiking, increasing and reducing the rate of ascent and descent and choosing more or less demanding routes. However, in addition, we can prepare our muscles, adapting our body to take full advantage of our outings in the mountains. When we descend, we mainly work the quadriceps, while when we ascend we use hamstrings and glutes fundamentally and ‘pull’ the kidneys, so it is important that in addition to performing exercises to strengthen the legs, we tone the middle or abdominal area well.

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