The importance of travel insurance.

Written by Leo Cusi , 22/02/2023 7:16 pm

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The importance of travel insurance.


If you are planning to travel abroad or visit Peru, be assured that this destination offers a wealth of natural and cultural richness, an exquisite gastronomy, not to mention the enigmatic Machu Picchu in the middle of the Andean glaciers, mountains, valleys and rainforest.

Traveling out of your homeland can sometimes involve certain risks, such as delays or missed flights, hotels, tours, luggage and health issues, due to natural phenomena, social conflicts or other incidents.

In case any inconvenience arises during your trip, a travel policy guarantees the reimbursement of your money or a postponement without any additional charge.

In order to safeguard your integrity and make possible a pleasant trip without any concerns, we at Wayki Trek suggest you purchase an international travel insurance plan for your trip. We suggest obtaining this option for the above mentioned reasons, such insurance companies can be found in your country of origin, with many options.

What should you consider when choosing a traveler’s insurance?

Before purchasing we recommend you to take into consideration the coverages and exceptions of each policy, since some companies require you to purchase the insurance days before the trip.


The following are the most important factors to take into account:

– Type of coverage: Pay attention to the type of coverage offered by the insurance companies. As we have already seen, this will depend on your trip and your needs. For example, if your trip is short and you only want to take hand luggage, it is convenient that the policy contemplates it by eliminating the extra luggage insurance fee.

– Cost of each service: At this point the variables are many, since some insurance companies vary their rates depending on the ages and destinations. Some insurances have a higher cost for travelers over 65 years of age or for children. This is due to the fact that they are exposed to greater possibilities of getting sick or needing more extensive medical attention than other age groups.

– Travel destination and stay: If your destination is abroad, it is advisable to purchase traveler’s insurance, since health coverage guarantees personalized attention at a lower cost than if you had to go to a health center on your own.


Tip: If you have questions about what is covered by an insurance plan (before or after purchase), be sure to contact a licensed insurance agent for any clarification – never assume that something as fundamental as medical prescriptions will automatically be covered by your plan.


We made it to the end my Waykis!

I hope this brief article can be of use in your travel arrangements, and if you would like to stay informed about the best travel protection measures for your trips… contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Miguel Paredes, Wayki Trek guide.

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