Political crisis in Peru and its effect on the markets.

Written by Leo Cusi , 22/02/2023 7:04 pm

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Political crisis and its effect on the markets.



As an expedition tour guide, it is hard for me to believe all the events that are taking place in 2023 in my beloved Peru. However, I wish to provide general information about some of the challenges that Peru will have to face in 2023, to move forward. 

This country has a lot of historical, natural, and cultural wealth. In early 2022, the main challenges that Peru faced were the negative effects left by COVID-19. 

Pandemic times that have had a significant impact on the Peruvian economy, causing a decrease in economic activity, increased unemployment and inflation, and a decrease in foreign investment, the government and private sector will need to work together to implement measures to boost the economy and create jobs.

Cusco, my thousand-year-old city, whose main industry is Tourism, was affected by the consequences of COVID-19, but we were courageous and fortunate to return to our normal life. We worked on the economic recovery of our main activity and this effort brought positive results. 

However, in 2023, Peru was once again attacked by the virus of political corruption.

Peru is going through tough situations, which are accompanied by violence with confrontations between Peruvians, due to a system of government, to which we are exposed generation after generation.

The fight against corruption is a long-standing problem in Peru. In the last few years, the country has been splashed by a series of corruption scandals involving politicians, public officials, companies and even non-public individuals.

The anti-corruption fight is growing, and today I can be witness of this historical moment, the uneasiness, the upset, the discontent, the indignation, there seems to be no longer fear and there is a willingness to change things.

It is a social movement that is not waiting for leadership, but generating them, this struggle is generalized to all ages who reason and analyze.

This situation is bringing some other problems that affect the city, such as food shortages in Cusco, the situation of the markets is being critical because, with the road blockade, the normal transit of trucks transporting fruits and vegetables to supply the wholesale markets of different cities is prevented. This situation generates shortages and product price increase.

On the other hand, the issue of climate change is also an important factor for scarcity in Peru. My country is home to varied ecosystems, such as the Amazon rainforest, the Andean Mountain region.

This last year I was able to experience firsthand the lack of rainfall in its respective season, which caused a low production of potatoes, corn, meat & vegetables in general. We must understand that this situation is global and in some cases the damage is irreversible against our mother nature. Let’s take care of the “Pachamama” since we are the only ones responsible for doing something about it.

Finally, I would like to mention that Peru will also have to address the social and economic disparities that persist in the country. Despite progress in recent years, poverty and inequality remain elevated, especially in rural areas and among indigenous communities. After a thorough analysis, the government must implement policies to reduce poverty and promote social inclusion to build a more prosperous and equitable society 

I am not in favor of violence; however I am tired of the same political system that has been subjugating me for all these years, damaging my country and my hometown of Cusco, which today is seriously affected by the uncertainty in all our potential visitors and generated a bad reputation in the eyes of the world.

I hope this will be over soon, I believe that my children and the population in general will be able to enjoy a new and strengthened Peru.

Miguel Paredes, Wayki Trek guide.

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