Useful Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Cusco

17/09/2021 7:30 pm

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If you are planning your trip to Cusco, you should know some important information to live the best experiences. Here are some things that may be useful to you before your visit to this magnificent city.


There are two ways to travel to Cusco from Lima:

By flight.- For those who want to arrive in Cusco faster and take advantage of the time in the city for a longer time or for those who do not have enough time, there are 4 flight companies operating domestic routes from Lima to cusco, the flight time is around 45 minutes without scales.

  • 2.1 LATAM Perú
  • 2.2 Avianca Perú
  • 2.3 Viva Air Perú
  • 2.4 Sky Airline.


By land.- For those who have more time and want to enjoy of beautiful landscapes of the Andes, the stops on the way to apreciate how the geografy changes from the coast to the mountains along the way passing by different villages, towns and natural landscapes, the journey takes 23 hours until Cusco.

In Lima there are many bus companies going to almos everywhere in Peru, they have different prices and different services (many of them to Cusco) most releable bus companies to Cusco with tourist service are: Cruz del Sur, Peru Hope and Tepsa.

Weather in Cusco

An important point to keep in mind, whatever time of year you make your visit, is the weather.

In Cusco there are two remaked seasons wich are:

Dry season (from April to September): A season where the days are generally warm and the rains are not frequent, you will be able to appreciate that the nights in the city of Cusco are sincerely cold due to the altitude of the place   .

Wet Season (from October to March): During this time of the year is common to se the skys of Cusco city much of the time cloudy or rainy.

Take this point into account when preparing your luggage, especially if you are organizing your trip during the rain season.


How to eat during your visit to Cusco

The metabolic adaptation to cold and altitude is accompanied by changes in the nutritional requirement. Energy expenditure is increased as well as the needs for iron and antioxidant vitamins.

An adequate supply of macronutrients would be:

60 – 70% carbohydrates, the sources of carbohydrates are: cereals such as barley, wheat (breads, noodles), oats, rice, Quinoa, Kiwicha. Tubers like potato, sweet potato, yucca. And fruits that also contain a good amount of antioxidants.

15 – 20% fat: Consume little amount of fats, which are found in butter, margarine, oils of all kinds, fried foods.

15 – 20% proteins: They are found in meats, milk, eggs, cheeses (preferably consume them low in fat)

A diet rich in fat is not well tolerated in height, it produces fatigue, since fats require a greater amount of oxygen for their metabolism.


Complex carbohydrates (cereals and tubers) will provide the necessary fuel to replenish glycogen stores and prevent muscle fatigue.

  • Anyway consult your doctor for a better orientation

Cusco offers in its historic center, tipical beautiful markets, which invite you to visit, where you will be able find different kind of nutritious and varied optimal products for activities as characteristic of the place.


Places you should not miss out on your visit to Cusco

When you visit a place where so many interesting places are concentrated, as happens in this city, it is important to plan the different places that we must not stop visiting in order to concentrate them according to their place of location, as a way to save time.

We believe that a good point would be to start with its historic center, touring the famous Plaza de Armas and its surroundings “City Tour”. In this circuit, you can visit its Cathedral, Korikancha and 4 archelogical sites as well as countless centers where you can buy the traditional “typical gifts” or handcraft.

Walk on its tipical streets wich still have remainings from its amazing past Loreto Street, Santa Catalina Street; Arequipa Street and many more, squares, Churches, museums, bars etc.

In addition: There are other full day tours that you can take like the Sacred valley, the Rainbow mountain, Humantay lake and half day tours like Maras and Moray or Souther Vlley.


Where to buy extra gear?

If you forgot to take with your some warm clothing, hiking gear or maby there is something extra you may need, closet o the main square there are place where you can purchase.


When is it more advisable to travel to Cusco?

Cusco is one of those tourist places where tourism arrives throughout the year. But obviously there are months during the year where you can see that it is more visited than others.

During the months from June to September, which is usually known as high season for these latitudes, the flow of tourists is much more noticeable than during the rest of the year. Therefore, if you plan to organize your trip within this period of the year, keep in mind that one of the most important things to consider is to book in advance, not only air tickets, accommodation and the Inka trail.

Being the time when more visitors arrive, it is common that the available places are sold out, prices rise and therefore we advise you in order to ensure a successful trip, take the necessary precautions by planning your visits in advance.


Can be ideal to travel between December and April in case want to ensure spots for the 4 day Inka Trail

In the period between December and April, nown as (low season) by experts, it is a time when it will undoubtedly be easier to find available accommodation, as well as the different excursions included the Inka trail have less demand.

Regarding the climate, it is also a season that is characterized by warmer but more rainy days.

But do not forget that Cusco, as well as the different tourist places in Peru, are highly visited destinations throughout the year.


How much security does Cusco city offer?

Like any tourist city, Cusco is a city that receives many tourists every day, therefore, wherever you go, the streets are overcrowded and logically it is likely to find someone who takes advantage of the opportunity.

But in general, Cusco is a quiet city, where tourists can travel and enjoy its beautiful landscapes without having major problems.

It is common to find, mainly in the main tourist places, police officers, as well as people linked to tourist activities, taking care of the security of the place. In any case, we always advise all visitors to take logical security measures, as in any other place, taking care of your belongings, to avoid bad moments that nobody wants to have when they are on vacation.

In short, being responsible, you will enjoy a great city, which offers wonderful places and incredible attention from its inhabitants to everyone who comes to the country.


Gastronomic Offer of Peru – Unmissable

It is an area where you can also find an important and varied gastronomic offer, due to the great concentration of restaurants and pubs, for being precisely because it is a place that concentrates many tourists.

The majority of the city’s great hotel offer is also concentrated in its surroundings.

We also recommend you to visit this area within the first hours of arrival at the place, as a way to take advantage of it to acclimate your body to the typical pressure of the place.


San Blas neighborhood

If what you are looking to know is something more artistic, or more bohemian to call it in some way, just 4 blocks from the Plaza de Armas is the picturesque neighborhood of San Blas.

Those who walk the streets of Cusco cannot miss this emblematic area, characterized by its narrow and cobbled streets, surrounded by artists, or appreciate the city from its spectacular viewpoint.

Walking the well-known Cuesta de San Blas, you will find incredible galleries and artistic workshops, where you can acquire and appreciate the talent of Peruvian artists. At the end of the tour, rest from your walk in Plaza San Blas, where you can also visit the Temple that bears the same name.


What to do if you get altitude sickness or soroche?

In cities or higher places, the oxygen level is getting lower and lower. As our brain needs oxygen and is used to receiving more in the areas where we live, which are usually lower, when we reach higher places the body notices this lack.

According to experts, altitude sickness or soroche can begin to affect from 2,400 meters above sea level, but that does not mean that every time you visit a place with this height or higher, your body will feel affected.

In case you feel affected by altitude sickness, here are some tips that will help you reduce the effects:

Staying hydrated by drinking water

Consume coca tea regularly during your stay (avoid the consumption of coca tea after 6pm, having caffeine causes lack of sleep).

Taking pills or medicines to avoid the symptoms of altitude sickness:

-The best known in Cusco is the Soroche pils (it does not require a prescription) and is sold in almost all the pharmacies around the main square of Cusco.

-Diamox or “acetazolamide” is a good alternative that should be ingested between 24 and 48 hours before the ascent (it is not very common to find it in pharmacies in Cusco).

In both cases we recommend that you visit your doctor for better guidance).

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