Vaccines Against covid -19: Advanced candidates.

07/01/2021 5:32 pm

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More than 10 months have passed since the world is facing the covid 19 pandemic, fortunately during that time have appeared hope to stop that virus and back to a new normal with the vaccines.

The scientific community received with great enthusiasm the good news about the coronavirus vaccines developed by different pharmaceutical companies.

So here we have a group of vaccines against the covid 19 that are having positive results.


1.- BNT162 (Pfizer and BioNTech)

From what is known so far, the BNT162 vaccine is one of the most advanced.

It uses the technology known as RNA: that is, it contains a small genetic sequence created in the laboratory that “teaches” the human body’s own cells to produce SARS-CoV-2-like proteins. From there, the immune system recognizes the threat and creates a response that protects the body from future infections.

It should be noted that the results announced by Pfizer and BioNTech still need to be published in a scientific journal and evaluated by independent experts.

But if they are consistent, they will represent a paradigm shift in science, as theirs would be the first genetic vaccine in history.


2.- mRNA-1273 (Moderna)

This candidate is also part of the group of RNA-based vaccines. Moderna’s recent announcement, meanwhile, was based on 95 clinical trial participants diagnosed with COVID-19. The results show that 90 of them were from the placebo group, suggesting a 94% effectiveness rate.

There is also other good news related to this first report: the immunizer did not cause any notable adverse events and generated a constant response of the immune system even in the elderly or in people with chronic diseases. It also appears to prevent serious cases that require hospitalization and intubation.

Compared to competitor Pfizer and BioNTech, Moderna’s product has the advantage of being stored below 20 ° C. This is a much easier temperature to guarantee with the freezers we currently have.

3.- AZD1222 (University of Oxford and AstraZeneca)

Also tested in Brazil, this candidate belongs to the team of non-replicating viral vector vaccines.

This means that it was built from an adenovirus, a type of virus that does not harm our health. Inside it, the scientists inserted some Sars-CoV-2 genes to trigger an immune system reaction.

The vaccine has done well in clinical trials: Full information from the Phase II study was published Nov. 19 in The Lancet and confirmed that the immunizer is safe and does not cause serious side effects, even in the elderly. Another highlight is that it produced antibodies, a great signal.


4.- Sputnik V (Gamalaya Center for Research in Epidemiology and Microbiology)

For a long time, the word that best defined the Sputnik V vaccine was a mystery. The first news from Russia, where the Gamalaya Research Institute is located, said that it was already in an advanced stage of research. Shortly after, it was approved by the government.

The specialists were very concerned because the clinical tests that guarantee the reliability of the research process had not been registered or published in any scientific journal.

Since then, a lot of information has emerged: the vaccine is based on the non-replicating viral vector (of the same type at Oxford University / AstraZeneca) and is being tested in some 40,000 volunteers in countries such as Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela and Belarus.

Based on one of these preliminary analyzes, the Sputnik V researchers announced an effectiveness of 92%, based on 20 recorded events. We have to wait for the study to evolve a little more so that this rhythm is consolidated.

It is speculated that the immunizer does not require freezing, but that information has yet to be confirmed.

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