North face, Hard Wear & Eureka

For our camping equipment, we only use top-of-the-line
items, which are especially designed for high Andean places, 4 seasonal North Face tents – models VE 25 and Mountain 25.

In Wayki Trek, we know that a good night sleep is essential to gather strength for the next hike. For this reason, we only put 2 people in a 3-person tent, and if there is only one traveler, 1 person in a 2-person tent.

Sleeping Mats

Our inflatable Thermarest mattresses guarantee a warm, comfortable night’s sleep on the trail.

The sleeping bags are feather and resist up to 10 degrees below zero, ensuring a pleasant rest between the mountains.

Our dining tent is very spacious, comfortable, isolated, and waterproof. It is specially designed to host wonderful moments full of laughter and good memories, while we share our Peruvian food.

Kitchen Tent

Our chefs also have their own tent, where they create a wide variety of dishes that will be served at each stop along the route. In this tent, they not only create delicious meals, but also maintain impeccable hygiene and safety standards in the kitchen to keep it healthy.

Bathroom tent

Which is included in the walk, is a portable toilet with a discharge system. Our staff is trained in the proper management of organic waste, and will be in charge of cleaning and taking care of the bathroom.

Shower tents

At the end of the day you can shower once a day.


We are interested to know you, to answer all your questions and, in this way, designing for you the BEST ADVENTURE!

Dónde encontrarnos: Calle Quera 239 Cusco – Perú

Horario comercial: de lunes a viernes de 9:00 a 18:00 / sábados de 9:00 a 13:00 (GMT -05: 00)

Para reservas: + (51) 1-251-8796
Para coordinaciones de viajes: + (51) 84-224092
Emergencias: + (51) 984-693-474 / + (51) 958-317-303

Skype: waykitrek.sale2


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