Why Small Group Treks worth it and are better ?

01/02/2021 8:30 pm

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Trekking in small groups is closer to what nature and culture is all about!

Safety – the first priority in any trek

Any adventure activity, especially trekking requires safety to be the top priority. With people exposed to the natural elements, it is crucial that they are protected and in safe hands. One of the key aspects to ensure safety is the ratio of guides to participants. On small group treks, the operators can assign 1 guide for every 3-6-8 participants. In this situation, it becomes much easier for the team to look out for potential dangers and keep a close eye on the group. If you compare this to a large group, where the ratio is much bigger, it becomes impossible to maintain so much vigilance.


Pandemic and Biosecurity Protocols

In small groups is easy to manage and apply the protocols in pandemic times, as a small group the team can take care of the participants to follow the protocols like a personal assistant.


Minimize Impact on the environment

It is logical to say that a small group treks will have a smaller ecological footprint on the fragile environment. The moment you take a large group to these places, the waste quickly piles up and there is little choice but to take it to a proper place. One of the golden rules of adventure trekking is to manage the waste properly. This means, what you pack and take up for the trek must be packed out and brought back down. With small groups, waste management and transportation of the waste back down becomes that much easier, leaving the place reasonably unharmed.


Authentic Experiences

The interaction with the locals and to get a glimpse into their way of life fascinates the hikers each time they walk in different trails to stay or pass by the small hamlets. With a small group, it is still possible to be invited over for a cup of tea and even a meal and enjoy the experience of being hosted by a local family.

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