Why travel to Peru and Cusco after Covid 19?

02/06/2020 6:41 pm

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WAYKI TREK acknowledges that there is a worldwide concern about COVID-19 and that the news at the moment do not appear to be very encouraging to think about traveling. However, today we want to tell you something that will make you reflect and will make you happy. If the trip of your dreams is to visit Peru and Cusco, and especially the majestic citadel of Machu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world, this year could be your chance!

If you were hoping to make a booking soon to travel to our wonderful country, this article is for you! WAYKI TREK has for you this interesting article to introduce you to all the benefits of these magical lands, and give you the peace of mind you need to plan your trip safely and reliably.

Cusco is the historical capital of Peru, where the great Empire of the Incas has been born and where our ancestors have left us a great cultural heritage and majestic works. In this beautiful land in the middle of the mountains you can find many tourist attractions, and you will have the privilege of visiting Machu Picchu!

The following very important information will be of great interest to you, so that you do not get discouraged and do not postpone your long-awaited vacation trip to Peru and the Cusco region.

Peru, like much of the world, since the beginning of this year has been affected by the COVID-19 and for this reason our country has faced the virus with great responsibility, since it was declared a world pandemic by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Given this, from the start, the Peruvian president has decreed going into Quarantine in order to prevent mass contagion. The first period of Quarantine nationwide began on 16th March and this Quarantine has been extended repeatedly as a way of control and prevention. To date, it has been announced that the official end of the National Quarantine will be this 30th June 2020.


Even so, since May the economic reactivation of the country has begun, and taking all the necessary precautions to avoid contagions, tourist activity is being promoted from now on and in June travel agencies will be able to operate and from 1st July a significant number of visitors will be able to have free access to Machu Picchu for a period of time to promote tourist activity.

Certainly, this economic reactivation is due to the fact that the Government trusts that the risk of contagion can continue to be controlled effectively and in the medium term.

Regarding the processing of samples to track COVID-19, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health, it has been determined that the Lima region continues to have the largest number of patients with COVID-19. In fact, the Cusco region has only 0.7% of confirmed cases of COVID-19 with respect to the national percentage or total number of cases of COVID-19 in the entire Peruvian territory, and with respect to the Lima region, only with 1% of confirmed cases of COVID-19. On the other hand, although the percentage of infections at the national level may seem high, the progress is very slow compared to the progress of COVID-19 in other countries.

Returning to the situation in the Cusco region, it has been verified that of the total number of people with COVID-19, the vast majority were tourists who contracted the virus in other cities or countries. Likewise, it has been verified that the virus does not resist too much time in high places, as is the case of Cusco, which is located 3400 meters above sea level. For this reason, the population of Cusco still feels safe and the cases of COVID-19 are not so many.

Given this situation, WAYKI TREK emphasizes that the city of Cusco makes all its tourist attractions available so that after this Quarantine travelers can visit our country, the ancient and beautiful Peru, where there is no fear of massive contagion since the country offers us health security by having many measures to face the COVID-19 and that travelers can visit it safely.


From July we will be ready and waiting for you in Cusco so you can fulfill your dream of visiting Machu Picchu!

For this, at WAYKI TREK we have a lot of experience so that our clients may have a unique experience in this country and in Cusco, and enjoying the living culture of the Incas, since we have a highly trained staff, very good quality equipment for our walks and camps, and a wide variety of tours and routes in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and other destinations throughout the Cusco region. Among our main walks are the 4-day Inka Trail and the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu, and the Lares trek, where you can appreciate the living culture and the wonders of nature in our Cusco region.

For all that has been said, you have no more excuses to visit our beautiful Peru, since there is security so that you can have a unique experience in the midst of nature and among the mountains, forgetting all your worries and everyday problems. The opportunity to live your dream is now in your hands! Do not hesitate, we will be waiting here for you!

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