7 Exercises That Help You Prepare For a Trek

18/01/2021 5:51 pm

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Exercises to tone the legs

Hiking may not be as physically demanding as running or biking, but it still requires good stamina for a long-distance hike. It is important to train to ensure that you will be able to complete the hike.

We will do three sets of each exercise with no rest between exercises and rest 90 seconds between sets.


1.- Squats

Keeping both feet shoulder-width apart, we lower our buttocks as if we were going to sit down, making sure our knees do not stick out in front of our toes. We descend until our legs reach an angle of 90º or less and rise again to the original position.

Reps: 15 reps each.


2.- Burpee

Sometimes, when hiking in the mountains, we can find sections of the path that can be somewhat more complicated and through which we probably cannot walk normally, but we will have to bend down to support our hands and with the help of them, to overcome obstacles, jump rocks and avoid streams of stones. For all these occasions that will surely present us in a long ascent, it is important that we find ourselves agile to bend down, get up and lean strongly on the arms to use them as a lever.

Standing, we crouch down in a squatting position, we put our hands together and in a jump we throw our legs back to get into a bottom position. We do a push-up and jump back up our legs and return to the upright starting position.

Reps: 6 in each series.


3.- Splits

Standing with one front leg over the other, we jump in place to change the position of the legs, delaying the front, and vice versa.

Reps: 8 with each leg


4.- Steps on bench

In front of a bench, we raise one leg and raise the body leaning only on that leg, we descend again and change legs to go up again.

Reps: 10 with each leg.

Exercises to tone our midsection

It is important that our entire midsection is well muscled, so that we can keep our position upright and that the effort involved in walking uphill does not cause discomfort in the lower back.


5.- V-Crunches

Lying on our back, we raise our trunk and legs at the same time (imitating a V-shaped figure) as if to want to touch the tips of our feet with our hands, we descend to the ground and do another repetition.

Reps: 8.


6.- Lumbar

Lying face down with the arms stretched forward, we try to perform the reverse exercise, while raising the arms and legs upwards.

Reps: 12.


7.- Iron

Lying face down, we support ourselves on our hands and on the tips of our feet, as if we were in the initial position of funds. We hold in this position, a minimum of 30 seconds and up to a minute. We perform the exercise while tightening the abdomen strongly throughout the exercise.

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